Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Then and Now

Where we're at these days:

Jack is potty trained
Max has finally arrived
Garrett is now the manager of coffee culture cafe
I haven't done anything on my chore chart in the past three weeks (or more)
My garden is in desperate need of weeding and watering

....so we're off to a good start! Honestly, I'm just relieved Jack is potty trained and I'm not pregnant anymore. Whew.

Jake lives outside all the time except for at nights, and then he lives in the kitchen. So I have to sweep the floor every morning, because I haven't convinced Garrett to wash Jake everyday yet. Ha.. ha.

So aside from the chore chart not really getting accomplished, we have been doing okay at keeping up with laundry, but note how I say WE... meaning mostly Garrett has been doing a good job at this. Don't worry, I fully plan on taking back over as mistress of this house once it's been over a week since I gave birth. Maybe longer. I don't know, I hate to pin myself down with a timeline....

In other happy news, I have lots of ice cream in my freezer.

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