Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today is too hot for my huge pregnant self to be comfortable- I'm daydreaming about the ocean breeze.

We're working on potty-training Jack and it is definitely not easy. I'm pretty certain that he's been holding his poop all day because he refuses to go in the toilet, and yesterday he pooped his underwear and hated it, so now he's at an impasse. I'm worried he's going to get constipated.

Yesterday I went to Portland so I didn't do anything around the house, and today I'm too hot hot hot and we don't have our AC units installed yet so I fled the house early today. I should be getting all kinds of things done at home but just can't handle being in that house!

I'm stumped on what to do in my living room- we got a new (used) couch and it's a lot smaller and prettier than our last one but now I can't decide how to arrange the room. I have so many more options, but still can't seem to figure out something I love. If only HGTV would come to my rescue...


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