Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farting in bed should be against the law

I've got this mystery skin condition that started with my elbows being itchy and bumpy, and now I've got itchy-bumpies on my hands, arms, feet, calves, thighs, hips and top of my backside. It's awful, I can't sleep at night. I hope this is something that clears up quickly...I might go crazy. Now I know how the dog feels when he's so itchy he just starts running around in circles whining. I'm pretty much there, except I'm too pregnant to run.

We recently had our carpets cleaned again, as well as a few pieces of furniture and our living room is now livable again, and thanks to my sister we have a lovely new (to us) couch... and now the dog is banished to sleeping in the kitchen when he comes in at night, except since we don't have any kind of a dog gate yet, we have to use furniture to blockade him in. The last two nights I've woken up to hear the dog breathing on our bedroom floor. So now, not only can I not sleep because I itch like a crazy flea-ridden dog, I'm paranoid that the dog will escape the kitchen and come ruin the newly cleaned carpets with his stinky, furry, dog-ness.

I think I've just had too many bad experiences with all the ways he can ruin our carpet.

As of today, I have exactly 4 weeks left until my due date. This means that in 4 weeks, give or take some, little baby Max will be here for good, on the outside! We are so excited to meet him!!

In celebration of new beginnings and the 4th of July I thought I would dig up where we were a couple years ago:

Happy 4th of July!!

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